plastic card punching machine

Power Source: Hydraulic. CCD-1007. Voltage: 220v. Power(W): /. Dimension(L*W*H): 1100mm*800mm*1200mm. Certification: iso

1. Application Scope:

Punching machine is mainly used in printing industry, circuit boards, electronic, nameplates, signs, packaging industry positioning hole processing. In the PC, PVC, PE, PET, FPC, flexible circuit boards, membrane switch, mobile phone lens, film, aluminum and other materials on automatic accurate positioning hole. The device is using a computer, CCD industrial camera automatic search position hole punching, automatic calibration position so as to realize automation, improve efficiency, reduce the inaccurate punching of non-conforming waste

2. Characteristics:

High precision punch: adopt computer control, the CCD camera positioning, imported precision screw guide transmission, equipped with precision punching, imported cylinder control punch, ensure the punching error is less than 0.008 mm

Punching speed: use our company independent development of VT series software, high stability of motor, high operation industrial computer, drilling speed can be up to 0.4s / hole, integrated speed can reach 4000 holes/hour

High stability: the driving part adopts the Japan THK guide screw, high precision long life, imported cylinder control punch, a strong software development team to ensure the long-term stability and equipment to ensure the accuracy of holing for life.

Clamp or vacuum adsorption optional: only one, industry first, solve the mobile phone lens, mobile phone keys, mobile phone touch screen/panel and other products can't pressure problem.

Adjustable positioning hole, positioning hole deviation between mold, can calibration location hole deviation between mold and (increase or decrease), positioning hole and the distance between the top and bottom or so mold can be adjust, with digital indication commissioning, operation is simple, accurate to 0.000001 is wrong, the technology has solved the problem of design error, mould deviation ect.

Recognition ability is very strong: can automatically identify semicircle, the imperfect circle file and ghosting, reflective material and so on .Any pattern included. 

3. technical parameters:







sheet sizes (mm)

Max width:600; Unlimited length

The thickness of the plate(mm)


According to the composition of the material

Action way

Pneumatic and motor to move

Moving parts

Japan imported guide rail + screw

The max impact (kg)


The light source

Up and down LED

Fixed way

Floor (with castor)




About 200




Tip: We can manufacture according to customer’s requirements.

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