LED UV varnish ink for screen printing

screen printing LED UV varnish ink for paper 
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1. Fast drying, good adhesion force, flexibility and gloss, has a good performance at bond resistance and anti-scratch. 

2. Superior printability and recoatability, high brightness and high chroma, fine and smooth without misting. 

3. Excellent chemical resistance, resist scrubbing of most organic solvent, alkali,acid oil.

4. no bad smell, wont turn yellow after dry

Technology Data:

Meshcount:  120T-168T

Wave Length of LED Lamp: 365-405nm

LED lamp power:  8-12w/sq cm

Printing speed:  10-50m/min

Suitable substrate:  paper, stick paper,BOPP matt film, PVC, PC, ABS, KT board, synthetic paper, etc.

Scope of application:  stationery, cardboard, ads products, daily chemical products packaging, electronic                                                 products packaging, etc.

using life : 1 month after open the cans, 12 month keep in cans.
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1kg per cans,12 cans in one carton box with protections, intenation standard box. 
 carton box Size: 428*288*202mm 
 Weight: 13kg/carton box

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