LED UV Curing system

Automatic Grade: Automatic. . Voltage: 220V. Power(W): 440W per 10cm. Weight: 30Kg. Certification: /, CE/SGIA/ISO

Application Scope:

- main for UV ink drying, low electric cost, long using life( more than 30000 hours), low temperature(cool light,water cool system).

customized according to your products. 


1.Advantage of UV LED:                                                                      

n  High efficient and low temperature, prevent material to deformation or turn to yellow;

n  Convenient to install on any of the existing drying equipment;

n  Ultra low energy consumption, electricity saving 80%~90%;

n  Long using life, curing once turn it on,need’t to wait, stable light source;

n  Effective curing the common UV ink, do not need to replace Special ink, the same efficiency;

n  Green environmental protection, low noise, no ozone, no mercury pollution, no heat radiation;

n  LED ink will be more perfect than common ink.


2.  Comparison of LED UV and traditional UV light source:


LED UV light source    (1m width, 10 groups LED UV light,440W/group)

Traditional light source  

(1m width,2 set UV lamps, 5.6KW/lamp)

Using life

Over 20000 hours

 Around 800 hours

machine power



Electric cost

Around 832 USD per year

Over 7280 USD per year

Based on 3120hours/year,electric price 0.167USD/Kw.

Based on 3120hours/year,electric price 0.167USD/Kw.

Maintenance costs

0 USD/year

700 USD/year

Within using life

Change UV lamps 4 times per year

Cost saving

At least save 7148 USD/year



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