electric customized IR drying tunnel

Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic. . Voltage: 380V. Power(W): /. Weight: customized. Certification: CE Certificate

Application Scope:

It is apply to dry solvent-ink, drying of general moisture bearing things, such as presswork ,product of chemical industry, glass and plank stuff.


 electric customized ir drying tunnel 01electric customized ir drying tunnel 02

technical parameters:

Customize according to customers inquirement. Pls advise informations below if need:

A, ink drying temperature;

B, ink drying time under this drying temperature;

C, space for installate this IR tunnel;

D, capacity per hours by printer,

F, material size,

And then we can calculate the length of IR tunnel and design .

Tip: Make according to the industry and customers' special require.


electric customized ir drying tunnel 03

electric customized ir drying tunnel 04

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