automatic glitter powder machine

Place of Origin: China (Mainland). . Automatic Grade: Automatic. Color & Page: Single Color. Gross Power: /. Dimensions(L*W*H): 2100*1200*1650

 1. Application Scope: 

Packaging,greeting CARDS, textiles, handbags, leather products’ 

colored powder spraying

 2. Characteristics: 

Glitter powder on alternatives to traditional manual process of a kind of form a complete set of post-press machines, is easy to use, no dust, with silk screen printing machine can greatly increase the efficiency, improve the distribution of golden onion powder, onion powder and can make various gold pattern 

If process needs, it can easily dry docking the UV light solid machine and other equipment

The machine key parts such as transmission belt, suction fan, inverter adopt imported components, easy to use, flexible adjustment, the transmission parts of the machine is to realize step less adjustment, with high durability, good stability characteristics

 3. technical parameters: 


Automatic bronzing machine

The conveyor belt width(mm)


The thickness of the plate(mm)

Above 80

Sheet sizes (mm)

Max width:600; Unlimited length

operation width(mm)









Tip: We can manufacture according to customer’s requirements.

automatic glitter powder machine 01automatic glitter powder machine 02

automatic glitter powder machine 03

 automatic glitter powder machine 04

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