A Mini-Guide To Silk Screen Printing Materials For Business Owners And Managers

Technology has created a huge impact on the business world. With several types of silk screen printing machines, you can take advantage of them as an entrepreneur. You might come across the term ‘Digital Printing’ and “Screen Printing’ at some instances. Considering both these terms, screen printing has the advantage of high volume jobs. Moreover, its investment cost is lower as compare to digital printing.


There are several printing materials and supplies associated with silk screen printing. Buying these products is inexpensive and easy to manage. In order to get your desired printing material and supplies for the project, it is essential to reach a reliable store.


Silk Screen Printing Materials and Supplies


Whether you are a business owner or manager, you should always look for quality printing supplies that can serve your business requirements. Professional printing is what you want to achieve. The only way to make your screen printing products marketable is using the right machines, printing supplies and techniques.


Some of the essential supplies for silk screen printers include:


1.      Screen Printing Ink & Chemicals:




You can find a wide range of silk screen printing ink and chemicals. In this context, you need to choose the most appropriate one that can serve your purpose. One of the must needed chemicals include screen printing LED UV varnish ink for paper. Its advantages are:


Efficient and fast drying

Good adhesion force to bind up

Flexibility and gloss

Anti-scratch and bond resistance

No bad smell

High brightness/ chroma


2.      Screen Emulsions Coater:

With the availability of high-quality screen emulsions coater, you can create a complete exposure of your products. You can make screen printing frame coating with Stainless Steel emulsion scoop coater as your first preference. Even T6 Aluminum will be another choice while purchasing. Its advantages include:


Easy double sided coating

Easy to hold

Sits perfectly on flat surfaces

Good for lengthy coating sessions

One should always remember that emulsion mixing must be handled in light and safe environment otherwise it might become unusable.


3.      Screen Mesh:

Different types of screen mesh are available in the market. With the use of right sized mesh, silk screen printing becomes a stress-free task. In this context, aluminum frames are more durable and have more longevity.


You might go with wooden frames, but the initial low cost of wood silk screen printing frames will harm you later. This is because wooden frames cannot be stretched and re-stretched as you can work with aluminum frames.


For instance, if you are looking for the standard mesh sizes, you should know about fairly thick-layer mesh. This is great to ink down mesh for block text and larger spots. If you are looking for a little thick-layer, it has the main advantage of higher quality of details in your printing images.


Check some advantages of polyester silk screen printing mesh fabric:


High durability

Good diathermancy

Acid and alkali resistance

High air-permeability

Longer working life

Advantages of aluminum windows silk screen frame:


Highly stable

Good tensile strength

Water tight seal

Smooth flatness

If you are looking to buy aluminum frames, then you should know that custom frames are also available as per your requirement. Moreover, you can purchase screen printing mesh tension meter to check the stretch factor. Its advantages are that you get precise results, and they are portable and compact


4.      Pallet & Tape Products:

For textile screen printing, pallet and tape products are efficient. With the proper use of pallet tape, you can increase the quality of the product. For the cleaning purpose, you just need to pull off the tape after completion of the job. Its advantages are:


Flash resistant

Easy to clean

Withstand high temperature


5.      Inkjet Film:

Everyone looks for high-quality materials and supplies to produce high-quality products. You just need a great screen to make your silk screen printing marketable. In this context, inkjet waterproof films will create the difference. With the availability of inkjet waterproof transparency film, your marketability will be consistent. Inkjet films are available in both positive and negative metal plate imaging where it is much better for positive films.


6.      Laser Film:

If you are looking for laser film, then you should know that inkjet films are more effective and affordable for everyone. Whether you are in the business or looking for setup right at your place, waterproof inkjet films will be the one that you should go with. After gaining sufficient profit, you can opt for laser films for increasing your marketability.


7.      Film Software:

Different manufacturing companies of silk screen printing machines utilize different software to make a prototype of their product. You can shop for design software to make your printing on films more powerful. Some of the modern software that is used for production includes CAD, CAM, Solidworks, etc.


8.      Squeegees:


Screen printing squeegees are one of the primary equipment to make use of the machine precisely. These squeegees are made of different materials like wood, aluminum, etc. It is always preferable to use aluminum squeegees due to its longevity.


9.      Heat Transfer Products:

For the screening of different designs and images, different heat transfer products are used. In this context, you can find:


Foil transfer

Heat press machines

Transfer paper

Vinyl heat transfer


10.  Spot Removal Products:

After the process of silk screen printing, it is important to remove the unused ink from the film to increase its endurance. Thus, you need to buy suitable products to remove all the materials that are left after the screening that includes chemical fluids.


Unwanted ink spots on the product can ruin it completely. Thankfully, various spot removal fluids and cleaning guns are available to fix this. These help to remove plastisol ink, flock lettering and adhesives from cloth. They don't smudge the ink. However, it is important to use spot removal products carefully.



Final Note:


The materials and supplies mentioned above are essential for silk screen printing business A simple change in your ability to understand the market can make a huge difference in your profitability.


Whether you are a business owner or a manager, you just need to have a proper business plan and forecasting technique to judge the future of screen printing business. If you are the one who wants to improve the sale, then the primary requirement will be high-performance silk screen printing machines.