A Mini Guide To Silk Screen Printing Equipment For Business Owners And Managers

Now, if you haven’t heard of silk screen printing before, then you should know that it is a type of printing process where a mesh is used to print the substrate and blank areas are covered using an impermeable substance.

You put the cloth in a frame, either wooden or any other and cover it with a tape and put it inside the printer after choosing a design, which you wish to get printed. You’ll get the whole thing printed in a jiffy, with no complications whatsoever. If you wish to start a clothing line and print your own stuff, you might as well get a silk screen printer.


What role does a printing press play in working with a silk screen printer?


A printing press is a device with the help of which pressure is applied to the surface where ink is to be imprinted. Even though screen printing involves printing on a cloth mesh, the role of printing press is no different.

What are press pallets?

In brief, that one thing that you’ve been told is the fact that mesh is where the printing is to be done- is pressed on a frame, either wooden or any other.

This very frame where the mesh is to be pressed on is the press pallet and it is only owing to them that the printing is done with complete success. A silk screen printer would have no use whatsoever without the press wallets.

How important are good quality press accessories?


Press accessories are used for good quality and fast printing in a silk screen printer. The most important accessory in this regard is none other than the ink without which the very purpose of a screen printer would have failed.

If you wish to start a boutique where your entire clothing line will be solely printed by your own company, you might as well have to take special care of the ink used to do the same.

·         Uses of conveyor dryer

A conveyor dryer is more useful than you might think. In silk screen printing, the most important thing apart from imprinting the design on the cloth is getting it dried tactfully, and it is the conveyor dryer that helps you in this regard.

Their superior heating technology not only dries up your cloth mesh but also gives it a crisp texture that in turn makes it look extremely fresh and ready enough to put for sale.

·         All you need to know about flash cure units

Now, conveyor dryers might dry your printed mesh in a systematic and organized fashion but if you are in a rush and have lots of items to be printed then it is not the best option for you at all. For this, it is the flash cure unit that comes in handy.

The flash cure units dry up the ink in the blink of an eye further enabling you to move to the next cloth without wasting a single minute. Without them, the professionals using silk screen printers would largely suffer.

How do exposure units and dryer units work?


In silk screen printing, after the design has been effectively printed, you will have to remove the tape, but your desired design remains after you remove the tape. You must use an exposure unit whose light rays will further go on to enable prints to remain intact in the cloth itself and not get removed along with tape.

Now, once the tape is removed, you have to make sure that the print becomes dry because unless it does, there is no chance for you to put it out there tagged as ready. The extensive heat produced by the drying cabinets is enough to dry your printed mesh in a way that makes it look new and not worsens the quality of the cloth.

·         Dip tanks

Dip tanks are such tanks that enable your work to become a complete success. In fact, once you couple the atmosphere where you work, dark with a stable temperature with a dip tank and nullify the side effects of outside light, that has the capacity to potentially damage your hard work.

There is no stopping you from producing the best quality printing work with the best designs. There are various tactics that make the screen printing a success and the dip tanks are an essential part of it.

Are heat transfer presses useful?


Yes, heat transfer presses are in fact a boon because of numerous reasons. Silk screen printing is something that calls for more patience and hard work that people imagine.

It has its own set of rules that must be followed for good quality printing of clothes. You cannot afford to invest as much time as it calls for and that is when the heat transfer presses step in.

The heat transfer presses not only imprints the ink onto the cloth but also puts ample amount of heat in the process that further makes the entire process less time consuming and professional.

Ultimately, should silk screen printers be chosen?


Absolutely, silk screen printers must definitely be chosen. In fact, if you have a clothing line and let others do the screen printing job you, you are missing a golden opportunity to make profit. This is because you can do it yourself and in your own way. The best part, you will earn more profit from this process than your entire previous profits combined. Therefore, you must definitely give the silk screen printing a try for the ultimate success of your business.


To ensure that your screen printing business earns good profit in the long run, you need to pay attention to printing equipment and printing materials both apart from the printing process. For this you need to buy only quality equipment and supplies and hire experienced workers who know the job well. In addition to this, you need to manage everything well.