LED UV curing system for offset / screen printing

LED UV curing system is more and more polular used in screen printing, digital printing,offset printing and rotary printing area now. sunrise Committed to LED UV curing system for many years, experienced in screen printing,digital printing, offset printing and rotary printing replace normal UV to LED UV curing system.  

1. Advantage of UV LED:

--High efficient and low temperature, prevent material to deformation or turn to yellow;

--Convenient to install on any of the existing drying equipment;

--Ultra low energy consumption, electricity saving 80%~90%;

--Long using life, curing once turn it on,need’t to wait, stable light source;

--Effective curing the common UV ink, do not need to replace Special ink, the same efficiency;

--Green environmental protection, low noise, no ozone, no mercury pollution, no heat radiation;

--LED ink will be more perfect than common ink.