heat transfer film automatic screen printing machine/newest screen printing technology

its time to update to automatic screen printing equipments now. for increase production effect and printing accuracy of your products. you still use semi-auto type screen printer or hand screen printing to print heat transfer film ?  its too slow speed and not very high accuracy.  lets try newest screen printing machine:  heat transfer film automatic screen printing machine . fast speed and very high accuracy for printing heat transfer labels. it including automatic feeding device, and screen printing , automatic regisitration and then automatic unloading ,  and have a conveyor belt to make it easy to connect with IR dryer or uv dryer. suitable for 75mic and 100mic thickness heat transfer film, also widly suitable for paper, PVC, plastic,cardboard sheet material, the max printing size is 50*70cm, max material size is 60*80cm, max speed 1000sheets/hour. here is my youtube link have some working videoes for your reference :https://youtube.com/c/PuAlexs and working video:https://youtu.be/RU9VSPKtgHU Scope of application :            It is suitable for precision plane screen printing of heat transfer film, film, PVC, label plate, aluminum plate, acrylic plate and other products  Video link 1 : https://youtu.be/6h4l9LV_NfI Video link 2 : https://youtu.be/Hd5uv_CLOgQ Video link 3 : https://youtu.be/Hgq4QB207FE Machine size: Sunriseprinter have experience over 20 years fouce in screen printing equipments manufacturer located in Shenzhen,China, we produce flat screen printer, vertical type high accuracy screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machine, roll to roll screen printing machine, uv dryer,IR dryer,led uv curing system, exposing machine,stretching machine,drying racks,frame dryer, and customize screen printing equipments ect. welcome to contact us for more informations.